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Barbara Darinka Zatler, 30, Professionally known as Barbara Zatler, was born November 7, 1980 in Horsens, Denmark to parents Miriam Zatler (of the Slovenian / Italian descent) and Poul H. Jørgensen (of Danish descent). She is a former model but is now an actress and TV personality. Barbara started her career as a model in 2002 when she was discovered! She has now built an international career and has appeared in numerous magazines worldwide and she was on the cover of Playboy with the title as Playmate of the month, September 2009 in Slovenian Playboy.She has since been a international playmate in countries like the Netherlands, Romania and Poland.
Her passion for acting came at an early stage when she was 12 and starred in some plays at her school.I the age of 27 Barbara moved to Copenhagen from Aarhus and began her acting career. She starred in some movies and TV series. She made her debut in Kim Sønderholm Mental Distortion (2007), where she played the role of Sarah Burton. Since then she has starred in Clown The Movie 2010 by Mikkel Søndergaard and Teddy Bear 2011 by Mads Matthiesen.
Her fame grew from that point with her appearances in Playboy magazine, on TV series, TV shows and for her performances on film.
Barbara was nominated in Euroman magazine Denmark, where she was nominated as one of ten remarkable people in Denmark 2010.
Barbara was featured in Maxim magazine in both Slovenia and Greece in 2009 and has also been in FHM magazine in Denmark,USA and Turkey.Alt for damerne, Lime, Q, GQ.
She appeared as a guest star on several radio shows such as P3 morning, The Voice, SLR radio, GO fm Aarhus, Twin Towers radio USA and Playboy Radio USA, where she also performed with stand-up and won the prize as the year’s funniest bunny 2010.
She has appeared in TV shows such as Go’ Aften Denmark, Aften Showet DRThe.Go ‘morgen Denmark. Zulu Djævleræs and Aloha with Casper Christensen.
She is also part of the team at Douglas’s Entertainment where we make comedy and other antics.

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