Amanda Nicole

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I’m an independent/internationally published model and photographer, and I love what I do!
I am a freelance artist, so if there is any project you would like me for, email me a brief description. I love to take on new and challenging projects that test my boundaries of comfort. Sticking to one style isn’t really something I like to do, I love to try new things any opportunity I can get. I am tattooed on the left side of my body, the right side of my body is clear of tattoos. therefore, I can model alternative one day, and high fashion the next if need be! I do have facial piercings that can be removed, and I am a short 5″ 4’… still won’t stop me from being me and doing what I love 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing signed prints from me personally, let me know! Just shoot me an email

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